The Anatomy Of Purpose
video series

Why Have A Clear Team Purpose?

It's critical to get it right.

The critical value of having a clear purpose is at every point you and your team make choices about how you lead in your world that are relevant, credible, and valuable – in tangible ways.

Hence, the major pitfalls of an unclear purpose are they enable members of the same team to work toward disparate goals, objectives and priorities – usually driven by unaligned motives. 

Hobbled by an unclear purpose, most critical conversations intended to drive success are not discussed, not debated or are seen as out of bounds.

As a result, your priorities and commitments to your customers risk being misaligned – at their root. And playing for real as a team becomes more political and power-based than collaborative. 

The Anatomy Of Purpose Video Series offers a set of distinctions to support your team to reach high performance with clear focus, intentional collaboration and alignment.

HOw To Design ANd Apply A Powerful Purpose

We designed our video series to offer you an informative discussion on the power of leading with a clear Purpose.

With over 35 minutes of informative videos, our series will offer you 
clear distinctions, frameworks and tools - to evaluate and build a clear purpose of you and your team.

We have applied
 this approach globally with leaders and their teams for the past 20 years. It proves to be highly effective at creating and accelerating aligned and collaborative leadership teams and organizations.

Watch The Anatomy Of Purpose Video Series

A Four-Part Series That Walks You Through The Design Of A Complete Purpose

  • 1
    The Anatomy Of Purpose

  • 2
    The Purpose of Mission, Vision, Values & Operational Purpose Statements

  • 3
    Your Target Customers May Not Be Who You Think They Are

  • 4
    The Missing Link To Your Customers