Teams Matter. Don't Go It Alone. 

A Process To Align Teams & Lead Change

In over 20 years of working with leadership teams and organizations across the globe, we have identified 7 critical conversations that MUST be driven to resolution.

Any ONE of these conversations can trip up a team - and is often the primary constraint to growth or change.

In cascading order, these 7 conversations are:

  • Purpose
  • Focus
  • Mindset
  • Roles
  • Interdependencies
  • Strategies
  • Implementation

Where is YOUR team's primary constraint?

The video series currently includes introductory videos and four videos on Purpose. Future videos will be added.

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The Change Leaders OS Video Series

  • Culture Really Does Eat Strategy

    What are the 7 critical conversations team's need to lead effectively?
  • The Anatomy Of Purpose

    For any team, everything cascades down from shared purpose. 
  • The Purpose of Mission, Vision, Values & Operational Purpose

  • Your Target Customers May Not Be Who You Think They Are

    Does every key individual in your organization play know how their role shapes the customer's experience?